By Team Member | March 1, 2022

What Are Good Homeowners Insurance Questions To Ask? – San Jose CA

There are several reasons why an insurance company might want to inspect your home. One is to estimate replacement cost when issuing a brand new homeowner’s policy. And sometimes maybe for your renewal. All state’s inspections are primarily external inspections, meaning we’re not going to ask to enter into your home. In some very rare cases, an internal inspection may be required, but you’ll be notified beforehand. We’re looking for problems with the roof, siding, loose exterior stairs, et cetera. These inspections usually take place within 30 days from the start of the policy. The primary reason for these inspections is to ensure that the dwelling coverage amount accurately reflects the cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss. Another reason is to verify information and eliminate risks we might have missed. When you receive an Allstate homeowners quote, we’ve used software to calculate the cost to replace your home, and some cases even rebuild it from the ground up.
The software is great and it pulls from public records, but every home is unique. So the best way to validate the cost to rebuild is through a home insurance inspection. Inspectors are trained to recognize and identify certain conditions that raise the risk of a loss, such as problems with your roof or fire hazards on your property. Dangerous conditions, not known from a phone conversation or a web form filled out online. To sum it up, the home inspection process is a simple one, and it can bring you peace of mind knowing that your home is properly insured and that losses can be avoided by recognizing risk through the eyes of a professional.

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