Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers a wide range of vehicles used for business purposes, such as dump trucks, trailers, tow trucks, delivery vans, etc. These vehicles tend to cost more and the financial loss much greater if they are damaged or totaled in an accident. Commercial auto insurance covers physical damage and liability for anything not covered under a personal automobile insurance policy.

If you are a business owner and have vehicles used for business purposes and not personal purposes, then this type of insurance is important. From a construction company to courier delivery, commercial auto insurance is essential to cover both the vehicles and their occupants.

A commercial insurance policy covers liability, comprehensive, personal injury and collisions for you and your employees, as well as for uninsured motorists. Commercial business truck protection is a subset which enlarges the scope of a commercial auto insurance policy to include box, semi, flatbed, trash, pickup, tank, front loader and auto hauler trucks. The plan that you choose will be dependent upon the size of the fleet that you have, it’s components, your business type and your budget.

It’s essential to safeguard your business vehicles for a couple of reasons. When you drive a business vehicle for business, you’re likely out and about for a great part of the day. The miles you put on your vehicle can be much higher than an individual auto, prompting more risk of accidents. Likewise, the expense of repairing business vehicles can be higher than that of individual cars.

Commercial auto insurance is an essential way to protect your business and your employees, not to mention your company’s financial future.