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Derendinger Insurance has served the public sector, private sector as well as union groups, and associations for over 45 years. Our clients include the municipalities of Silicon Valley, high-tech firms, and public and private sector employee groups. The variety of our client base has allowed us to build a vast experience portfolio applicable to any business, individual or organizational need.
Employee benefits and their related costs are of increasing concern to employers and to employees. Employers understand that the provision of excellent benefits packages are integral to the attraction and retention of exceptional talent.
The goal of Derendinger Insurance is service of integrity for our clients. Our reputation remains unchallenged. Our name is affixed to our business. We take pride in the fact that Derendinger is synonymous with personal service and high quality, and cost effective benefit plans.
Derendinger Insurance specializes in improving your current benefits' program. Our goal is to make your program works smarter, more efficiently, effectively for your organization.
Although basic insurance plans bear many similarities, the services provided by insurance brokers can differ significantly. Your choice of a cost-effective plan is only the beginning of the relationship between Broker and Client. At Derendinger Insurance, we remain your resource for the life of the relationship. We assist with education, legislative updates, plan administration, and problem solving. We are a visible and cooperative partner in your business success.
Our Agency conducts business the old-world way, pleasing one client at a time and depending on our customer's satisfaction to create new business. This old world concept of professionalism, integrity, and service is never outdated. The philosophy is as attractive in the boom years of high technology as it was in the 1959. Exceptional service is a timeless concept that transcends industry changes and technological advancement. Customer Service - an old-world concept applied with new world efficiency.
Helping Northern California's private and public sector employers achieve smarter insurance benefits since 1959.

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