Helping Heritage Home

Meet Cityteam Heritage Home – a long-term live-in program for homeless, abused and often addicted pregnant mothers who are seeking to transform their lives and deliver healthy babies. Since 1994, thousands of women have chosen Heritage Home as a safe haven to find healing, hope and long-term solutions to rebuild their lives. Women in need travel across the nation seeking the services of Heritage Home.

The staff and volunteers provide a loving, compassionate and structured environments that helps 17 mothers and up to 14 babies with all aspects of their lives – physical, emotional and spiritual. The mothers can stay in the program for the full term of their pregnancy and several months after their baby is born. They are provided with all the necessities such as meals, showers, clothing, warm beds, and everything their baby needs. They also receive assistance in obtaining their GED and career counseling in order to gain employment.

The goal is to equip women to be self-sufficient, responsible, stable, job ready, and able to face life’s challenges to be productive mothers in our community.

As part of our next community cause, Pinnacle One Insurance is joining hands with the Heritage Home to help make a difference in multiple lives. By donating to this cause, your money will provide:- Individual and group counseling- Conflict resolution, Step work with Relapse Prevention, Anger Management and AA meetings- Discovery Bible Study and Spiritual mentoring- Education, GED preparation, computer skills, resume writing, and job skills training- Parenting, nutrition, budgeting, meal planning- Baby wellness classes

“I have such a good foundation here. With the support of this program, I feel like I can do anything. I’m very thankful for Heritage Home and Cityteam. Being here has saved my life and changed my life.” – Alyssa

Join us in continuing to help these women get on the right path!

Robert Varich