Fostering Hope: Supporting Children in Foster Care

Children are our greatest investment and, if given the proper tools, have the potential to accomplish whatever they set their mind to. However, not every child shares these same opportunities.

According to recent federal data, there are currently 400,000 children in the foster care system in communities across the United States. Like most foster children, the majority are placed into the system because they have been abused or neglected. 

At Pinnacle One Insurance, we believe that every child deserves a stable home to feel safe and secure. All kids, especially those in foster care, earn a loving family with no expiration date. They have the whole world in their hands, and it’s our responsibility to stop and listen to them.

As a foster parent, you play a crucial role in the lives of children who find security and stability in your home. The Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Parent Association (KAFPA) provides youth programming and family programming, serving over 300 foster, kinship, and adoptive parents and about 1600 foster, kinship, and adoptive and biological children. 

This non-profit organization takes incredible strides to enhance the lives of children in foster care. We want to dedicate our agency’s operations to shining a light on these children in need. For the next three months, we will be working alongside KAFPA to keep kids connected to their community through support and advocacy by creating opportunities for a brighter future.

Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to us, and we’ll donate $20 for every person! They only need to receive a quote. All funds raised during our Community Cause Campaign will support and create a positive change in our community.

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