Empowering Children Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Through the Pinnacle 1 Insurance Agency’s community cause program, we strive to continue our mission to provide children in California with a brighter future. Our agency wholeheartedly believes that education is essential for ALL children. Our agency is honored to provide assistance for financial insecure families to guarantee their children are prepared for whatever life throws their way.

Did you know that some school districts in California do not buy school supplies for their teachers? Not only that, some of the hard-working teachers in our community are forced to take on second jobs just to make ends meet. That’s why during this campaign, the Pinnacle 1 Insurance agency will provide support for schools in our community with limited access to scholastic resources and materials.
There are many deserving families and organizations that need our help, and even though the challenge is huge… there’s much that we can do.
“No matter what kinds of challenges our children face, it’s crucial they are provided with the most effective educational assistance we can possibly provide for them,” said agency CEO Robert Varich.